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West Liberty-Salem School District Selects Velo Privacy Screen to Enhance Door Security


The Air Louvers Brand of the Activar Construction Products Group Presents a Case Study

Following a 2017 shooting at the West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio, the school district implemented a range of strategies to improve building security, from new entrance policies to upgraded hardware and door features.

One of the priorities for upgrading door security was to find a better way to block the line of sight from the corridor, through the vision lites in doors, and to allow the staff to move away from the door more quickly during a lockdown. They found that the pull-down Velo privacy screen from Activar Construction Products Group met all of those needs.  The screens which block all light and vision, have been added to classroom doors and incorporated into the new lockdown procedure

View our video of Craig Shanahan of the GS Sales and Marketing Group, and Kraig Hissong, Superintendent of the West Liberty- Salem school district discussing what led to the selection of the privacy screen, and how it has improved building security.


View Velo West Liberty-Salem Case Study

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View West Liberty Case Study Video  

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