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Hiawatha Branded Product Offering Will Be Changing by the End of the Year

After much consideration, we will be discontinuing some of our Hiawatha products. 
The remaining “Hiawatha series” products will continue to be offered through Air Louvers. Your pricing will not change.


Products that we Will Continue to Offer Under the Hiawatha Brand:



  • Kick/Mop/Armor Plates in US32D and US28
  • Standard Flat Push Plates in US32D and US28




Products that we will be Discontinuing:

  • Door Pulls/Push and Pull Bars
  • Push/Plate Combinations
  • Specialty Shaped Push Plates
  • Push/Kick/Mop/Armor Plates in All Other Finishes
  • Trim & Exit Device Protectors
  • Flush & Fire Bolts
  • Door Stops & Miscellaneous Hardware
  • Overhead Holders & Coordinators



You can continue to order all Hiawatha products in both warehouses and special order for a time. Please note that if you are requesting a quote for products that will be discontinued, the order must be placed by November 20th for delivery by December 21st.


Warehouse Stock:

We will continue to draw down our warehouse stock of pulls, flush bolts and plate/pull combinations in the Minnesota warehouse over the next three months and will not be replenishing those.   

Going forward, we will continue to stock kickplates, and push plates in the same MN or CA locations that we currently show on our stock list, for quick local delivery. Be sure to check the stock list from time to time for updates.


Contact your Customer Account Manager with any questions,

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