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Need to Coordinate with Hollow Metal Framing?

We are introducing a new powder coat paint color in silver that more closely matches the anodized aluminum frames commonly used in commercial buildings.  

New color Silver


Hollow Metal Frame with Air Louvers Vision Frame at Right

Many of the painted Air Louvers, JL, Samson and Thomas products are offered in up to 12 optional colors available upon request.  

Samples are available by calling customer service at 800-554-6077 or emailing: sales@activarcpg.com.

Why do you use an electrostatic powder coat painting process for your lite kits and louvers?
We use this process because by electrically-charging the metal part, the paint is attracted to every surface, effectively sealing the part with a complete coating vs. a sprayed on paint that only partially covers the surface. The other reason is that this is the most environmentally-conservative process that is applied without VOC’s and employs a paint recovery and reuse system. No VOC’s are emitted from the finished product.

What about the Satin Aluminum color that we have now?  We will be phasing out this color at the end of the year.  The 2 products that are available in that color as a standard - the SMB Surface Mount Bubble Exitinguisher cabinet and the Model 1300 Door Louver, will be changing to the new Silver Color right away.  

Let us know if you need the Satin Aluminum color instead of Silver when you order.

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