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Diamond Roof Hatch Patent

JL Industries Announces that We Have Received a Patent on our Proprietary “Diamond Grip” Feature

When our roof hatch was redesigned, we wanted to make installation easier by simplifying how the roofing membrane is secured against the curb.  Our engineers came up with a permanent indentation in a diamond shape that is part of the curb flashing.  This allows the roofing material to be pushed up and secured in position with backer rod, without the need to use additional tools to bend in tabs or crimp the curb flashing.  Traditional metal clips and tabs may require screwdrivers or a hammer which could inadvertently damage roofing material. The new Diamond Grip feature saves time and protects the integrity of the roofing membrane.

The Diamond hatches in aluminum or galvanneal steel have become a popular choice when it comes to quality, improved operability, and lower energy costs.  Features such as these can help make your job easier!

  • Easier Installation
  • Single-Handed Operation
  • Lower Energy Costs with R-6 Insulation
  • Durable Factory Powder Coat Finish
  • RHDG Stocked in Nine US Warehouse Locations

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