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Dur-Red Announces More Energy-Efficient and Durable Roof Hatch

The RHU Series of Dur-Red Roof Hatches is Now More Energy-Efficient and Durable than Before

We have recently upgraded our RHU and RHUV series roof hatches with new material, paint and insulation - Here are the details:

Higher Quality Construction

  • The material for the RHUG hatch has been upgraded to galvanneal steel which is harder and more scratch-resistant than galvanized steel
  • Galvanneal steel does not require extensive pre-treatment before painting

Higher Quality Factory Finish

  • Both galvanneal and aluminum hatches are now factory-painted with more environmentally friendly powder coat paint, providing a thicker, more complete, and durable coating
  • No need for painting hatches in the field with uneven results - the powder coating process gives total coverage, protecting the hatch inside and out for years of durable service
  • When two corrosion protection systems are combined such as zinc-coated steel and powder coat paint, this is called a “Duplex System”. The paint protects the underlying zinc coating, and the zinc coating protects the steel, providing better protection

More Environmentally Friendly

  • The powder coat paint process eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were used to apply our previous solvent-based primers, providing a more environmentally friendly product
  • Standard finishes are gray powder coat on steel and silver textured powder coat on aluminum with optional colors available

Better Insulation Value

  • The curb and cover now have R-6 polyisocyanurate insulation for increased energy efficiency
  • R-12 insulation is offered as an option

More Options

  • Dur-red is offering more curb options including double wall, optional heights, curb-less "All-but-Curb", and curb-mount
  • Stainless hardware for greater corrosion-resistance
  • Safety railing ready for bolt-on RSHWB
  • Meet OSHA 1910.29 standards with our optional safety railing that includes a self-closing gate to protect the rooftop opening
  • Double clear and white dome options
  • Single or double polycarbonate dome options

Better Documentation

  • Submittals that are always up to date
  • Improved installation instructions
  • 3-part guide specifications
  • Spare parts listing

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