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Emergency First Aid Oxygen Response in Schools


We are Privileged to have Pete Goldman, MD Share his Article on Emergency First Aid Oxygen Response in Schools on our website. We Hope that You Find it Informative.

Excerpt -"With the increasing prevalence of asthma in schools, as well as anaphylactic reactions to foods, insect stings, inhaled agents, etc., combined with the increasing reliance on the school nurse for primary care, it is important to consider having oxygen as a part of a school’s emergency response. The NASN Position Statement, “Emergency Preparedness and Response in the School Setting – the Role of the School Nurse,” under Emergency Equipment states, “The availability of essential emergency supplies is an integral component of being able to render appropriate on-site care and manage the emergency condition (2014a; Doyle, 2013).” More specifically, NASN’s Emergency Resources, Equipment and Supplies – With/Without A School Nurse practice tool provides emergency equipment recommendations as a resource to schools and school nurses (2014b).

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