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Extinguisher Cabinet Wire Glazing Option is Changing

Filmed Wire Glass is Being Used to Replace Wire Glazing Throughout the Industry, and we are Discontinuing the Unfilmed Wire Glass Option in our Cabinets 

Did you know that our Fire-FX fire-rated cabinets are certified and listed for 1 and 2 hour wall systems with any glazing selection?  The fire-rated components are part of the cabinet tub, and do not require any specific glazing or door type.  Select any door style!  View FE Cabinet Door Styles  View Hose & Valve Cabinet Door Styles  View Embassy Door Styles 

If theft or tampering is a concern, consider acrylic or tempered glazing. Cabinets can be ordered with our SAF-T-LOK TM  system which includes a cylinder lock with plastic cam - the cabinet appears locked, but can be opened with a sharp tug.  

If human impact with the door is a concern, select our clear tempered glazing, wire glazing with safety film or laminated safety glass.  

Substitution Form for Filmed Wired Glass

Substitution Form for Tempered Glass

Contact Customer Service with Questions. 800-554-6077 or sales@activarcpg.com

Glass for Cabinet Doors

Detail view of Saf-T-Lock


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