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JL Introduces a New Trimless Cabinet Design

Our Newly-redesigned Trimless Cabinet Design for Wallboard or Plaster is Easier to Install with a Cleaner Edge Appearance. The Cosmopolitan 1014 is Shown Below.

Check out Extinguisher Cabinets with this Option
Academy Aluminum
Ambassador Steel
Cosmopolitan Stainless
Panorama Specialty Door

Check out Valve and Hose Cabinets with this Option
Crownline Steel
Crownline Stainless
Crownline Aluminum

This new design incorporates either a wallboard bead or a plaster stop that can be finished for a smooth wall appearance right up to the edge of the tub.  Stainless steel and aluminum models include a silver painted tub and hinge to closely match the door finish. Painted steel models have tub and hinge painted to match the door.  View Detailed Information About the Trimless Styles Here.

Fire-Rated Trimless Models are also Available in the new Trimless FX2 design with a recessed trim flange for installation under wallboard or plaster.  
See submittals list to view those models.

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