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JL Offers the Widest Selection of Options for AED Cabinets

Designed to fit all AED models on the market, our selection of standard cabinets offers a wide array of choices in wall mount or free-standing styles.  Our cabinets are available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze – with several optional finishes for each type.

For a unique look, select the free-standing cabinet with 14 optional paint colors of steel.  It's easy to complement any building interior.  The unit can be secured to the floor or moved within the facility.  Note how the hoopstand of the model shown at the right emphasizes the circular wall motif and the color of the black tile floor.  

Wall-mounted cabinets can be fully recessed, semi-recessed or surface-mounted according to building codes and available installation areas. Semi-recessed models are ADAC-compliant with 4” or less projection.  As with the free-standing models, construction materials include painted steel plus stainless steel and aluminumBronze and Brass finishes are now available for those high-end projects.  Recessed & semi-recessed models are available in a fire-rated version for fire-rated walls.  The model at right is installed in the gate area of the JFK airport.  Bright orange paint and signage call attention to this emergency station.  Upon opening, an audible alarm and flashing strobe are  activated to alert emergency personnel. 

Need a combination cabinet to fit your AED and Emergency Oxygen?  We have cabinets specially designed to accommodate both in steel or aluminum construction.

For exterior applications, our weather-resistant models protect your equipment from moisture and dust.   

We can produce custom window graphics such as the one shown at the right for the MSP airport.  Include your company logo, emergency contact numbers or other information.

Don’t see what you need?  We can work with you to design a custom size, shape or finish cabinet.  How about a bronze cabinet in a black freestanding frame or a red semi-recessed cabinet with a custom acrylic? 

Call us at 800-554-6077 for more information on our AED Cabinet Series.

1483 Freestanding AED Cabinet

AED Wallvounted

AED Acrylic

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