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Dura Hatch Series Roof Hatch - RHU

Single Point Latch RHU-3036PG 

Dual Point Latch RHUA-3696PSI

Side View Drawing


Steel- 14 gauge galvanized steel curb and cover with 22 gauge galvanized steel liner.
Aluminum—11 gauge aluminum curb and cover with 22 gauge aluminum liner.
Selected Larger Sizes - Galvanized steel curb with aluminum cover (RHUGA). 
Finish: Gray prime coat on steel, silver prime coat on aluminum
Gasketing: Continuous bulb neoprene door seal
Insulation: 1/2” fiberboard in curb and 1” fiberglass in cover
Hinges: Heavy-duty galvanized steel
Hold-Open Arm: Galvanized steel automatic hold-open arms with red vinyl handles
Latch: Zinc-plated single point slam latch, or zinc-plated two point slam latch for larger sizes.
Springs: Pressure intensifiers with compression spring provide lift assistance
Sizes: Single Point Latch - Minimum 24” x 24”,
            Maximum 48” x 54”
            Dual Point Latch for Larger Sizes - Minimum 24" x 55",
            Maximum: 48" x 120"
Options: Double wall curb, curb-mount, standing seam curb, higher curb heights, polyisocyanurate insulation, safety railing ready, stainless hardware.

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