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Weathertight Aluminum Roof Hatch with 12" High Curb and 3-5/8" Wide Flange for Securing to Roof Deck.

Certifications: RHA models include components or materials that are ASTM certified under Specifications 209-06 and C726-05.

Load/Deflection: Aluminum roof hatch covers have been tested and approved to support a minimum live load of 40 lbs. per square foot with a maximum deflection of 1/150th of the span, maximum negative load of 50 lbs. per square foot wind uplift, and 110 mph wind load when cover is in an open position.

Insulation: The curb includes a 1" fiberboard insulation surrounding the base, and 1" mineral wool insulation between the exterior cover and liner.

Construction: .090 aluminum with 12" high curb and 3 5/8" wide flange for securing to roof deck. The cover includes a .090 aluminum exterior and .040 aluminum liner with a TPE draft seal gasket door seal.

Hardware: Hardware includes a heavy duty hinge, slam latch, heavy gauge automatic hold open arm with red grip, compression spring-operated cylinder, exterior handle with integral padlock hasp, and interior locking handle with interior padlock hasp.

Finish: Bronze powder coat.

Options: Polyiso insulation, roof safety railings, paint colors.

Sizes: Up to 48" x 96".

Custom Sizes and Finishes Available - Contact customer service at 800-554-6077 or sales@activarcpg.com

Remember the Roof Hatch Safety Rail!
Our Patented railing system with a clamping frame around curb base of roof or fire hatch with top rails, mid rails and chain or swinging gate. Meets OSHA required compliance for safe egress and ingress through rooftop hatch openings while hatch is in use. Complies with OSHA CFR 29 -1910.23 and CFR 29 - 1910.27.

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