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Looking for Roof Accessories with Polyiso Insulation?

We Have Added Polyisocyanurate as an Option for our Line of Roof Accessories.  Make Your Building More Energy Efficient! 

Why Switch to Polyiso Insulation? Polyiso insulation is manufactured using recycled material. It is a CFC- and HCFC-free product with zero ozone depletion potential from the manufacturing process.  You can reduce fossil fuel consumption by providing a more efficient building envelope.

Is it Better than the Standard Roof Hatch Insulation?  It is the most thermally efficient rigid board insulation available in the marketplace with the highest R-value/inch. 

RHG-STH      RHA      rhg         

RHG-STH                            RHA                          RHG                                 EHA/EHG                         UFV Smoke Vent
(with railing)                    RHA-DW                   RHG-DW                      Equipment Hatches

Now Available in the Above Models


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