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Air Louvers FAQ

How Can I Submit a Request for Quote?

If you are a customer, email your request to quotes@activarcpg.com.  When a quote is entered, an acknowledgement will automatically  be emailed to you. You should receive your quote within 24 hours.

If you are not a customer, please contact us by phone at 800-554-6077, to be referred to one of our preferred distribution partners.


Where Do I Send my Order?

Send all orders to orders@activarcpg.com. When an order is entered,  an acknowledgement will automatically be emailed to you.  If you do not hear from us or have a question, you can contact us by phone at 800-554-6077 or email your customer account manager directly. If you are  not a customer, please contact us by phone at 800-554-6077, to be referred to one of our preferred distribution partners


Can I View my Quotes, Orders, Shipment and Invoices online?

Yes, we have an online customer portal where you can check any of those items. Sign up for the free Online Customer Portal where you can Login to view and print your Quotes, Orders and Invoices.  

Contact Neil Huntington at nwhuntington@activarcpg.com to enroll. View more information here.


What if my Shipment is Damaged?

Our shippers require us to follow specific steps in order to file a damage claim.  The most important steps are to Inspect at the point of delivery, Photograph and Contact us within 48 Hours. Please read our full instructions here.


What is my price? Multiplier?

Your price is determined by your Manufacturer’s Representative. Click here to find your representative, or call us 800-554-6077 and to speak with your Customer Account Manager.


What are Your Lead times?

See the Stock List for products from one of our many locations where we stock our most popular products for 2-4 day shipping. Lead times on other products can vary. 


Do you Offer Expedited Service?

We offer expedited service at extra cost on items not in stock as follows: On certain non-stock items, we offer a seven working day ship program for an additional charge of 15% or $15.00, whichever is greater.  The order must be received by 12 pm CDT for that day to count as day one and marked “QUICK SHIP”.   If the order is received after 12 pm Central Time, the following day will be counted as day one.

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Do Any of Your Products Qualify for LEED Credits?

With changing requirements and several certification types, we are committed to providing the information that you need - through greater product transparency.  From the start of your projects, we can help you select the products that will meet your project goals and provide the documentation that you need. Visit our webpage for  more information: www.activarcpg.com/sustainability-environmental

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What is the Advantage of Purchasing a “PAK”

The PAK’s include the vision lite and correctly sized glass with the glazing tape already applied. Each PAK is individually-packaged, reducing the opportunity for breakage, your time to assemble and allowing you to re-ship a complete package to your customer by simply re-labeling the box. Individually-labelled boxes can be ordered as an option, for an added cost, with the exact door number to reduce errors on large jobs. 

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How do I know which glass to select for my door lite? 

Use the Glass Selection Table to find a product by the “ Minute Rating”, then go to the second page for more detailed information about each product. There you will find information about the maximum exposed glass size based on what type of door you have, safety and radiant heat barrier ratings, listings and which Air Louvers lite kit each type of glass will fit. More details about each glazing type can be found on the product webpages.

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Why do you use an electrostatic powder coat painting process for your vision lites and louvers?

Air Louvers uses this process because by electrically-charging the metal part, the paint is attracted to every surface, effectively sealing the part with a complete coating vs. a sprayed on paint that only partially covers the surface. The other reason is that this is the most environmentally-conservative process that is applied without VOC’s and employs a paint recovery and reuse system. No VOC’s are emitted from the finished product. 

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When do I need an Insulated Glass (IG) Vision Lite Frame?

An IG Lite is required for glazing that is greater than ¼" thick, or for non-standard thickness doors.

There are three Air Louvers IG Vision Lite Frame:

VSIG is for glazing 5/16" to  1-11/16” thick in doors up to 3" thick.

VLFEZIG is for glazing 5/16" to 1-11/16" thick in 1-3/8" to 2-1/2" thick doors.

VLFIG is for glazing 5/16" to 1-11/16" thick in 1" to 3" doors.

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What Products can be lead-lined?

The VLFEZIG and  VLFIG vision lites can be lead-lined as an option. Leaded glazing is also available upon request. Steel and stainless steel door edges can also be lead-lined.

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What is the difference between UL10B and UL10C lite kits in doors?

The UL10B lite kit is typical of most installations for use in locations where fire resistance of a specified duration is required.

The UL10C lite kit is used when a positive pressure installation is required. Additional intumescent glazing tape is required in this installation to provide a complete seal between the glass and the door frame in case of a fire. These methods of fire tests are applicable to swinging door assemblies, including door frames with lights and panels, of various materials and types of construction for use in wall openings to retard the passage of fire. The method does not provide an evaluation of a swinging door assembly when that assembly is part of a larger assembly (e.g. sliding fire door assembly), or when it is intended to be used as an elevator entrance. Consult your local code official  for guidance on complying with the codes in your area.

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Are Metal Door Edges Fire-Rated?

Door Edges and Astragals can be ordered & labeled with a 1-1/2 Hour  Intertek Warnock Hersey  Rating as an option. 

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Can I still Use Wire Glass in Doors?

The International Building Code (IBC) Code defines glazing in Swinging Doors as a "Hazardous Location" which may be subject to human impact. See SECTION 2406.3 of the 2018 IBC, which now requires Category II-rated glazing in those locations. Wired glazing may be allowed in non-hazardous locations such as transoms. Please consult your local code official to determine appropriate standards.

Air Louvers offers Wire-Shield glass which is an annealed glass with wire that is fabricated with a safety film on one side, providing Category II protection, plus many other non-wired glazing selections which are both fire-rated and CAT II-rated for use in hazardous locations. Use the Glass Selection Table to view product information.

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How are Your Products Rated and Listed?

Products that we offer for fire or hurricane-rated doors are tested to current standards by internationally-recognized testing agencies such as UL or Intertek Warnock Hersey.  Listings for Air Louvers products on the UL website can be found after establishing your free login. Links to listings on the Intertek Warnock Hersey website can be found at: www.activarcpg.com/listings-and-ratings

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