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Focus on Miniblinds

Add privacy to doors in education, office or healthcare settings with an attractive, dust-free miniblind that is maintenance-free. Miniblinds are completely enclosed by two panes of tempered glass and sealed as an insulated glass unit, including a magnetic mechanism to operate the blinds.  The two ends of the blinds terminate behind opaque channels for greater privacy.  All miniblinds feature a lift-and-tilt operator.

Air Louvers carries two lines of miniblinds – Standard and Custom. 

Standard Miniblinds are available in 9 standard sizes with one of two vision lite models - VLFEZIG or VSIG for a complete solution. Blinds are white, and operated with a single lift and tilt operator.  Vision  frames can be ordered in any color to coordinate with the décor.  The operator is located on the right hand side magnetically attached to the mechanism through the glass. The reveal is slightly obscured on that side by a 1-3/8 opaque band.  The left side reveal is about ¼”.

For applications in other sizes, color, look at our custom miniblinds.

Custom Miniblinds are constructed similar to the standard versions, with the same type of miniblind, vision frame choices, and six blind color choices.  The custom blind operator is mounted on the glass, which has a 1 ¼” reveal on the left and the right. Operator is located on the right, with a left hand operator optional.  Dual operators are provided for sizes greater than 12  square feet. Vision frames can be ordered in any color to coordinate with the décor

Miniblinds are not fire-rated.

The illustrations below show how each type of miniblind unit fits into a vision frame and how much of the viewing area is exposed.

 Drawing of a standard miniblind with labels

Standard Miniblind

Drawing of a Custom Miniblind with labels

Custom Miniblind

Standard Miniblind controller

Standard Miniblind Controller

Custom Miniblind Controller

Custom Miniblind Controller