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Manually-Operated Adjustable Louver for Doors, Transoms and Partitions

Material: 16 gauge CRS frame and louver. Min size 8" x 6", Max 24" x 30". Multiple sections can be combined for larger sizes.

Louver: Z-blades riveted to operating bar and frame at 1" intervals in 1-1/2" deep welded frame. Mechanical stop holds blades open.

1000A Frame: Self-attaching,Mitered and welded corners; screws fastened through prepared frame into louver core leaving corridor side of frame free from fasteners.

CORE & 1100C: 1/2" stop on top, 1/4" on bottom and 3/8" on sides.

Operation: Manually-adjustable on interior face unless otherwise specified

Door: 1-3/8"-1-3/4" - Any Style.  Door cutout = order size.

Fasteners: Phillips head screws #8 x 3/4"