Inverted "Y" Blades with Security Grille Meets up to 350 ft lb Impact Rating for Severe Windstorm Rating and Carries FBC Approval. Includes Weatherproof Electro-Galvanized Finish for Exterior Applications.

Material: 18 gauge CRS frame and blades with paintable electro galvanized finish; 12 gauge CRS security grille. Minimum size 6" x 6", maximum size 24" x 64"

2 rows of inverted, split "Y" blades with 1" blade spacing are attached to welded frame with interlocking construction. Non-Vision Design.

Security Frame: Security grille is welded to the interior and exterior of louver with 13/16" square openings 1" on center. Thru-bolted to door.

Door: 1-3/4". For 1-3/8" doors, consult factory. Door cutout = order size.

Fasteners: #8-32 Phillips head thu-bolts with blank head one side.

Finish: Standard Electro-Galvanized finish for Exterior Use with powder coat finish:

Powder Coat Finishes: (B) Mineral Bronze (standard color), (G) Gray, (BK) Black, (FBK) Flat Black, (W) White, (SB) SC Beige, (SI) Silver, (S) Sand, (AB) AMS Beige, (R) Red, (GH) Gray Hammertone

Free Flow Area: 40% free area.

Severe Windstorm Approved Louver Tested in Accordance With:

Missile Impact: TAS 201, ASTM E1996 (impact 350 ft lb, Missile Level D, DP Rating 60 psf)

Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading: TAS 203, ASTM E1886

Air Infiltration, Water Resistance, Structural Loading, Uniform Static Air Pressure, Forced Entry:

TAS 202, ASTM E283, ASTM E330, ASTM E331, FBC 2411 3.2.1

Windstorm Resistance, Door Components: ANSI A250.13

Certified by Warnock-Hersey

Florida Building Code Approval File #FL13341-R2

Florida Building Code 2014 File # FL13341-R2