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Inverted "Y" Blades with Security Grille Meets up to 350 ft lb Impact Rating for Severe Windstorm Rating and Carries FBC Approval. Includes Weatherproof Electro-Galvanized Finish for Exterior Applications.

Material: 18 gauge CRS frame and blades with paintable electro galvanized finish; 12 gauge CRS security grille. Minimum size 6" x 6", maximum size 24" x 64"

Louvers: 2 rows of inverted, split "Y" blades with 1" blade spacing are attached to welded frame with interlocking construction. Non-Vision Design.

Security Frame: Security grille is welded to the interior and exterior of louver with 13/16" square openings. Thru-bolted to door.

Door: 1-3/4". For 1-3/8" doors, consult factory. Door cutout = order size.

Fasteners: #8-32 Phillips head thu-bolts with blank head one side.

Finish: Standard Electro-Galvanized finish for Exterior Use with powder coat finish:

Free Flow Area: 40% free area.

Severe Windstorm Approved Louver Tested in Accordance With:

Missile Impact: TAS 201, ASTM E1996 (impact 350 ft lb, Missile Level D, DP Rating 60 psf)

Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading: TAS 203, ASTM E1886

Air Infiltration, Water Resistance, Structural Loading, Uniform Static Air Pressure, Forced Entry:

TAS 202, ASTM E283, ASTM E330, ASTM E331, FBC 2411 3.2.1

Windstorm Resistance, Door Components: ANSI A250.13

Certified by Warnock-Hersey

Florida Building Code Approval File #FL13341

Florida Building Code 2017 File # FL13341-R3