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ArmrShield Polycarbonate is Designed for the High Demands of Ballistic and Forced Entry Glazing Applications. 3 Levels of Ballistic Protection.

Ballistic:  Laminated security glazing can successfully resist both penetration of bullets and impact-induced spall (fragmentation from the protected side of the glazing) as a result of ballistic attacks. Traditionally, the ability of security glazing to resist ballistic attack has been measured using the UL 752 test requirements. UL File # BP6864.

ARM1: Level 1 Protection against handguns of medium power ( 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead)

ARM2: Level 2 Protection against handguns of high power (.357 magnum jacketed lead soft point)

ARM3: Level 3 Protection against handguns of super power (.44 magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked) NIJ Level II, Level IIIA

Note: This is not a fire-rated product and should not be used in fire-rated door applications.

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