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Ballistics Resistant Glass Assembly - BRG

Our Line of Laminated Glass Assemblies Tested to  UL 752: Level 1-3 & Meets UL752 Standards

Description: Multiple panels of annealed glass and PVB.

Thickness: 1-3/16" - 1-3/4"

Fabricated: USA

Size: Minimum 6" x 6", maximum sheet size 60" x 96"

Tested Standards: Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) 752 Indoor standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment or NIJ 0108.01.

ASTM C158 M.O.R.
ASTM C1036 Flat Glass
ASTM C1172 Laminated Architectural Flat Glass

Laminated security glazing can successfully resist both penetration of bullets and impact-induced spall (fragmentation from the protected side of the glazing) as a result of ballistic attacks.
Traditionally, the ability of security glazing to resist ballistic attack has been measured using the UL 752 test requirements. UL AS1-3
Level 1: Protection against handguns of medium power (9mm full metal copper jacket with lead)
Level 2: Protection against handguns of high power (.357 magnum jacketed lead soft point)
Level 3: Protection against handguns of super power (.44 magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked)
NIJ Level II, Level IIIA

Air Louvers Low-profile Frames for up to 1-1/16" Glass: VSIG, VLFEZIG
Air Louvers Thru-Bolt Frame for 5/16 to 1-1/2" Glass: VLFS10, VLS10SP
Air Louvers Thru—Bolt Frame for 5/16" to 1-11/16" Glass: VLFIG