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ContraShield 45 Insulated Glazing - CT45

Protect Against Fire & Smoke in Sizes up to 4449 Sq. In.  45 Minute Fire-Rated Glazing.  Multi laminated safety glass with panes of laminated safety glass separated intumescent interlayers Formerly Called SWISSSHIELD 45.

Thickness: 1" (25mm)

Weight:  10.3 psf

Light Transmission: 80%

STC Rating: 40

U-Value: .76

Warranty: Five year limited warranty

Fabricated: USA

Size: See submittal for maximum sizes of exposed glass allowed for each type of application and hourly rating.

Air Louvers Frames for CONTRA45: VLFIG, VLFEZIG, VSIG, VLFS10. 
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Fire Rating: Listed and tested by Underwriters Laboratories

Tested in accordance with: UL9, UL10B, UL10C, NFPA80, NFPA251, NFPA 252, NFPA 257, ASTM E119, UL 263, CAN/ULC-S101, S104, S106

Rated: For up to 45 Minutes With Hose Stream.

Impact Safety Rating: CPSC 16CFR 1201 (CAT I & II), CAN/CGSB-12.1-M, ANSI Z97.1