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Hiawatha Series - Protective Kick, Mop, Armor and Stretcher Plates - KP

Stainless Steel Kick Plate 
Examples of Protective Plate Size and Placement
Kickplate installed in a pair of hospital double doors.

Protect doors from damage from shoes, carts and equipment with durable plates in stainless steel or aluminum. Choose from standard sizes of kickplate, stretcher plate and mop plates or provide us with dimensions for custom sizes. 


Material: .05” aluminum or 18 gauge 304 stainless steel
Finishes:  Clear anodized US28 Aluminum,  #4 finish US32D Stainless Steel
Standard Features: Straight edges, punched holes
Fasteners: #6 x 5/8” Phillips Head Screws

Other Options:

Other thicknesses, cutouts, beveling, countersinking, two-sided tape applied, torx screws

ANSI/BHMA A156.6 Architectural Door Trim:

J102 Metal Kickplate  
J101 Metal Armor Plate
J103 Metal Mop & Stretcher Plate



Per NFPA 80 6.4.5, fire-rated labeling is not required where the top of the protection plate is not more than 16” (406 mm) above the bottom of the door.

Recommended width of plates to be 2” less than door width

Bulk packaged kickplates are also available