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Insulated Glass Unit - INSU

Two Panes of Glass with Spacer in a Sealed Insulated Glass Unit.  Enhance Door STC Value With Insulated Glass. Each Order is Shipped as a Complete, Sealed Unit

Tempered: heat-treated clear safety glass that breaks into small particles.
Size: Minimum 6" x 6". Cannot be cut after manufacturing
Rating: Not a fire-rated product - Safety rating only.
Popular Insulated Glass Combinations:
     1/8" Tempered, 3/8" Air Space, 1/8" Tempered
     1/4" Tempered, 1/4" Air Space, 1/4" Tempered
     1/4" Tempered, 1/2" Air Space, 1/4" Tempered
     1/4" Tempered, 1" Air Space, 1/4" Tempered

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Other Glazing Combinations Can be Assembled with KeraShield and PyroGlassShield.  See Custom Insulated Glass Order Form.

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