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Laminated Safety Glazing - LAMI

Two Panes of Tempered Glass with PVB Interlayer

A Laminated Glass with Safety Film that Meets IBC 2012 CAT II Human Impact Safety Standards Rating and Greater STC Values  than Most Single Pane Glazing.

Description: 2 Panes of Heat-Treated Clear Safety Glass that Break into Small Particles, with PVB Safety Film Interlayer.

Thickness: 1/4 - 3/4"  Seven Assemblies of 1/8 to 1/2" Glass Available.

Sound Transmission: STC 35-41

Film: .030 or .060 Heavy-duty Safety Film Depending on Assembly Selected

Fabricated: USA

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

Size: Minimum size 4” x 4”, max sheet size 80” x 120”. 

Air Louvers Vision Lites that Fit This Glazing: 1/4" - VLF, VSL, VLFEEZ.  >1/4" - VSIG, VLFEZIG, VLFIG, VLFS10 OR VLFS10SP

NOTE:  This is not a fire-rate glass and should not be used as a component of a fire-rated door.  Use in locations where a safety-rated only glazing is required.  If you require a fire-rated glass, consider fire and safety-rated KFRL or KFRU.  Other combinations of glass types are also available—contact customer service for more information.