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Vistamatic Vision Lite - VISTA

Adjust this Patented, Maintenance-Free Window for Obscure or Vision with the Turn of A Lever  Ideal for Hospitals and other Commercial Settings where Privacy is Desired - Now Available in Side-to-Side Operation - Vista Slide!

Construction: The glazed secure vision panel by Vistamatic® is manufactured with 3 panes of glass sealed together as an insulated, dustproof unit. Optional glass thicknesses can produce a thicker unit. Each panel is made to order.

Operation: When operator is turned, the middle pane of glass is raised or slides to the side (depending on model), aligning the obscure stripes so that viewing is permitted. When the operator is rotated back, the middle pane is aligned so that stripes are offset, obscuring the view through the panel.

Glass: 11/16" sealed unit with multiple panes of 1/4" clear tempered glass. 1" obscuring stripes are 1" apart. Exposed Glass is 2-¼" under order size. Not fire-rated with tempered glass.

Optional Glazing at Additional Cost: Laminated, X-Ray, 20 Minute Fire-Rated, 45 Minute Fire-Rated, Bullet-resistant.

Obscure Pattern: Select from Etched Lines or Color Vinyl Lines in over 100 opaque colors NEW!!  Custom Graphics including company logos and patterns are now available from our graphic design department.

Note: larger sizes may require 2 operators with a center mullion to hide mechanism.

Lite Kit: 20 gauge CRS frame with continuous glass retainer and countersunk mounting holes on non-corridor side and 2" face trim.

Standard Sizes: (Opening size below. Exposed Glass is 2-¼" under order size)
    11¼" x 11¼" 
    13¼" x 13¼"  
    19¼" x 19¼"
    6¼" x 21¼" 
    7¼" x 31¼" 
    25¼" x 31¼"

Operator: 3" Chrome-plated Handle. With standard vision lite, bottom of handle operator will be 1/8" above the edge of the vision frame. Mounted at bottom of panel. Lifetime warranty.  Available on single side or both sides of panel.  Optional Operators at Additional Cost: Knurled Knob, Locking Knob.