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Square Profile Vision Lite for Glass Thicker than 1/4" - Recommended for Applications Requiring Fire-Ratied, Safety, and/or Insulated Glazing up to 1-11/16" Thick

Material: 18 gauge CRS frame. Min. size 3" x 3", max. 60" x 104". See Fire Rating Below.

Construction: 1-1/4" trim with mitered and welded corners, square return with countersunk mounting holes both sides.

Door: For 1" - 3" thick.

Fasteners: #8 x 32 flathead Phillips thru-bolts with blank head on one side, holes on both sides countersunk. 

Glass: 5/16"- 1- 11/16" glazing to be ordered separately from Glazing Section of catalog. Use fire rated glazing with Warnock Hersey (WHI) or UL classification markings for fire rated applications. Visible light is 1" under rough opening size. Glass size is 1/4" under order size. 

Fire-Rated Air Louvers Glazing to fit this vision frame: KFRL, KFRU, CONTRA45, CONTRA60, CONTRA90, ARMRSHIELD, LGSHIELD.  1/4” Fire-Rated Air Louvers glazing can be used with this frame in cases where door thickness is other than 1-3/4”: WS, PYRO, PYRAN, KFRF. 

Fire-Rating,Testing & Listings: When installed in properly rated and approved door, ratings up to 3 hours can be achieved, depending on the glazing used. See glazing ratings for maximum exposed area.  Tested and Listed for UL 10C and Criteria of UBC 7-2 Positive Pressure. See detailed installation instruction.

UBC 7-2 Installation: See detailed installation instructions.

UL Listed