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Track your shipments using the ACPG Customer Shipping Portal

The link to our Freight Management System will provide you access to your shipment tracking status without needing a login or password. 


Step 1.  Click on the link below to visit the Customer Shipping Portal

ACPG Shipping Portal Icon  

Step 2. Select the type of reference number you’d like to use from the drop down options:​

Customer Reference # - ACPG SO number, Customer PO number or ACPG BOL number

CHR # -  CH Robinson load number

Item Reference # - Commodity reference number

PRO # - Carrier PRO number

Bill of Lading # - ACPG Bill of Lading number

AWB # - Air Waybill number

Step 3. Shipment list will appear in search results:
Search results on CH Robinson's website

Step 4. If available, click “Get Details” button for additional information regarding shipment and detailed tracking. For LTL shipments, live EDI tracking updates will be displayed here:
Details on CH Robinson's Website


Step 5. If you have questions, please contact ACPGService@activarcpg.com.

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