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Frequently-Asked-Questions About the New Fire-Rated Fire-FX2™ Cabinet Design

Does the Fire-FX2 cabinet work in a 2 hour fire-rated wall?
Yes, the Fire-FX2 has been tested and approved for a 2 hour fire-rated wall.

What is the content of the FireSpan 90® insulation?
FireSpan 90is slag-based mineral wool insulation. Slag is a byproduct of steel production. The slag is melted and spun into fibers.

Are there any special handling instructions for the Fire-FX2 cabinet?
Not specifically.  However, for protection it is recommended that the cabinet remain in the box until installation.

Can I get the Embassy style in a Fire-FX2 fire rated version?  What about Clear Vu style bubble cabinets, and Panorama style acrylic door cabinets?
Yes.  Fire-FX2 is available with all of these cabinet designs.

Can I get a trimless Fire-FX2 fire rated cabinet?
Yes, we can now provide trimless fire rated cabinets with the Fire-FX2 design .  These are available in two slightly different versions: (a) the “WB” version, with the flange backset at 0-5/8” for concealed drywall installation; and (b) the “PW” version, with the flange backset at 0-3/4” for concealed plaster/stucco installation.

I don’t have quite enough wall depth for my cabinet… will it still fit?
No.  This is not recommended.  The insulation used, FireSpan 90® is a very dense material and will not compress down to allow for fitting the cabinet into an opening less than stated.

I’ve accidentally made my cabinet wall opening to the old fire-rated dimensions.  (New wall width and height requirements were published in 2015).  Will Fire-FX2 still fit into this opening?
No.  If the wall opening cannot be enlarged to the dimensions shown currently in our literature, you may need to work with Customer Service for a custom sized cabinet.

The spec for my project indicates the fire rated cabinet needs to meet UL-1479; does the Fire-FX2 meet this standard?
Yes, Fire-FX2 has been tested to and meets UL-1479.

What do I do if there is a tear or puncture in the foil covering the FireSpan 90 TM?  Will it affect the fire-rating?
No.  If there is a tear or puncture in the foil the product can be installed as directed, with no fixing needed.  The foil is primarily meant as a vapor barrier and does not contribute to the fire rating.

What do I do if my Fire-FX2 cabinet has a gouge and I can see that the FireSpan 90 TM insulation has been damaged or is partially removed?
Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-554-6077 for a replacement cabinet.

Is the material used in the Fire-FX2 cabinet recyclable?

Can I get this option for hose and valve cabinets with knockouts?
Yes.  Fire-FX2 is available in all standard cabinet sizes, including hose and valve cabinets.  The knockouts for hose and valve cabinets are to be made in the field due to the fact that knockouts are not provided with Fire-rated cabinets.  (No change from ACPG’s original Fire-FXTM cabinet.)

Will I be able to change either the trim or the door on the Fire-FX2 fire rated cabinet in the field?
Yes.  With this new UL design the trim and/or door can be replaced in the field.

Can I get School Cabinets and Security Cabinets in a Fire-FX2 fire rated version? 
No.  Fire-FX2 cannot be provided with these heavy-gauge cabinets.  However, we can continue to provide these models, when fire-rating is required, in the original Fire-FXTM design.

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