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Hiawatha FAQ

Do Any of Your Products Qualify for LEED Credits?
Yes, many of our products qualify for at least one type of LEED credit. Aluminum, Stainless Steel and CRS products all contain pre and post consumer Recycled Content. Products that are painted by our no-VOC's powder coating process qualify for the Low Emitting Materials credit. If the products are installed within 500 miles of the point of manufacture, they may qualify for the regional materials credit. Let us know at the time of order if you need LEED-qualified products.
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How do I know if you received my order?
When an order is entered, a copy is automatically emailed to the email provided on your account. For the best service when ordering, we strongly suggest that you use orders@activarcpg.com instead of faxing as you will be provided an email acknowledgment.   


Can I view my Quotes, Orders and Invoices online?

Sign up for the free Online Customer Portal where you can Login to view and print your Quotes, Orders and Invoices.   Contact Neil Huntington at nwhuntington@activarcpg.com to enroll.

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Where Can I find More Information on Pull Mounting Choices??
Our new pull mounting choices can be viewed from any product page by clicking on Mounting Options.  Additional information on which options are available for specific pulls can be viewed here.
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Why do you Recommend an Intermediate Post on Some Full-height Pulls?
Since many of the full height pulls are tubular, the intermediate post provides additional support in mid-pull to prevent deflection or bending of the pull.
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Do you Have any Pulls for ADA Requirements?
Yes, we offer model 1458 Hospital Pull that can be opened without grasping the pull, and a wide selection of flush pulls, plus 1450 & 1451 barrier free flush pulls.
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Can stainless steel rust?
Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel is neither stainless or is it free from rust. On occasion, users are surprised to find rust deposits and corrosion in what was assumed to be a rust-free material. Stainless steel does not rust as long as the protective layer of chromium oxide is able to form on the surface. Any contamination of the surface by dirt, chemical substance, or other form of harsh abuse can hinder the formation of this protective layer and allow a breakdown of this corrosion protection and form a rusty-looking appearance.
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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Stainless Steel Rusting Or Corroding?
Improper cleaning of stainless steel is the most common cause. This could include items such as not removing all the dirt from the surface, not thoroughly rinsing after cleaning or not thoroughly drying after cleaning. The result of improper cleaning is that it allows iron, which is found in most water, to react with the oxygen in the air and form this rust looking film. Following proper cleaning methods is the best way to avoid this from occurring.

Another cause of rust or corrosion could be caused by scouring the surface of your stainless steel with steel wool or wire brush in an attempt to clean them. This process embeds particles from the process into the surface of the stainless steel and when exposed to atmospheric elements such as moisture and/or humidity forms rust.

Other causes of contamination can be but not limited to chlorides which include a wide range of products from chlorine & chlorine detergents to salt.
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What is the Most Durable Finish for an Exterior Installation?
Our two most durable finishes are US323SS/US32DSS or the Lifetime finish. Pulls construction of the special Type 316 molybdenum-based steel provide increased resistance to pitting by chlorides and halides. This permanent, corrosion –resistant stainless steel in polished or satin finish is ideal for use in coastal, urban or industrial areas. The Lifetime finish is a thin, hard metallic film of extreme durability that looks like polished brass. The finish can be applied to either stainless steel or chrome-plated brass-based material. It will not tarnish and is ideal for marine or exterior applications.
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What about Antimicrobial Finishes?
Hiawatha offers the MicroShield ™ technology silver ion-based agent from Agion® which is incorporated into the finish. This inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, yeast, fungi, mold and mildew. For more information visit www.agion-tech.com.
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What if I don’t see the Product that I am Looking for on your Website?
We source our products from a variety of vendors and are constantly adding to our offerings. Call us at 800-554-6077 and ask us. We can most likely find what you need.
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How do I find Out What My Discount is?
Hiawatha uses a network of experienced Manufacturer’s Representatives, many of whom are AHC-certified. Contact your local rep to find out, or call customer service at 800-554-6077 to find out.  FIND YOUR MANUFACTURER'S REPRESENTATIVE HERE
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What is the freight allowed policy?
Air Louvers Inc, will ship freight-allowed on shipments valued at $1,250.00 list or more for destinations within the continental US.
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