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For a solid look with 25% of the weight and resource use, tubular pulls give you a good value. Pulls are fabricated from 1-1/4" tubular stock with solid brass or stainless inserts that provide a solid mounting area.  For a unique look, design your own custom shape.

Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel

Pull Diameter: 1-1/4"

CTC: 12"

Overall: 17"

Projection: 3"

Clearance: 1-1/2"

Weight: 2.0 lbs

US32D Stainless steel
US32 Polished stainless
US3 Polished brass, clear coat
US4 Satin brass, clear coat
US28 Clear anodized aluminum
US10 Satin bronze clear coat
US10B Oil-rubbed satin bronze