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JL Industries FAQ

Do Any of Your Products Qualify for LEED Credits?

Yes, most of our products qualify for at least one type of LEED credit. Aluminum, Stainless Steel and CRS products all contain pre and post consumer Recycled Content. You can find out about LEED credits here


What is the difference between a fire-rated cabinet and a non-fire-rated cabinet?

The Fire-FX™ and Fire-FX2™ cabinets are insulated with approved fire-resistant material.  Our architectural series of cabinets are insulated on the outside of the tub with Thermafiber™ insulation, and the heavy-duty Security and School cabinets have a regular cabinet tub surrounded by a layer of type "X" drywall and an additional layer of steel. These have been tested and approved for use in fire-rated walls by national testing agencies. The regular cabinet tubs are not resistive to fire.

Do any of your cabinets meet the ADA criteria?

Yes, look for Model Numbers in Blue to find cabinets that comply with ADA projection requirements. This includes:

  • Cabinets with the number “2” as the fourth character of the model number. These models project only 4" from the wall and include a flush pull.
  • All trimless and flat trim models with any handle.
  • All 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2 1/2" or 3" trim models with any handle—excluding bubble cabinets.


Which IBC Codes Have Been Adopted in My Area?

Use this link to view IBC Code Adoption: http://www.iccsafe.org/gr/Pages/adoptions.aspx.


How do I know if you received my order? 

When an order is entered, a copy is automatically emailed to the email provided on your account. For the best service when ordering, we strongly suggest that you use orders@activarcpg.com instead of faxing as you will be provided an email acknowledgment.


Can I view my Quotes, Orders and Invoices online?

Sign up for the free Online Customer Portal where you can Login to view and print your Quotes, Orders and Invoices.   Contact Neil Huntington at nwhuntington@activarcpg.com to enroll.