Select from 1-3 Hour Warnock Hersey, Fire-Rated Floor Doors in the Largest Sizes Available.  These  fully recessed floor doors are to be installed flush with the surrounding floor surface, and feature several door options. Select models for wood framing or cast-in-place with a Patented Design. 

Frame: 12 ga (2.75 mm) and 14 ga (1.99 mm) primed, steel.  Depth varies with model.

Door: 3/16” (4.78 mm) steel diamond plate (FFD3 has 1/4" aluminum diamond plate).  Gasketed on all 4 sides of the upper and lower sections of the frame assembly.  Door panel is filled with a high temperature insulation material.

Finish: Grey primer.

Below Grade Finish: Concrete: Mill with bituminous coating below grade finish, Wood: Frame prime-coated.

Hardware: Continuous stainless steel hinges on 1, 1.5 and 2 hour, zinc-plated on 3 hour, 316 stainless steel slam latch with a removable cover plug, operable from the top side by a removable tool for 1-2 hour models, and a recessed turn handle for 3 hour models on the underside by a spoon handle.  Opening of door by (2) stainless steel nitrogen cylinders.  Larger models may have 4 cylinders.

Live Load: 150 lbs./ft.2 (700kg/sq meter). 300 lb/ft2 optional some models.

Sizes: Standard sizes shown on submittal, other sizes available upon request.  FFD1, 1.5 & 2 Sizes to 42" x 54", FFD3 Sizes to 64" x 60.

Options: 1/4” Smooth or Diamond Plate Aluminum , 1/4” Steel Diamond Plate, 3/16” Smooth Steel Plate, Recessed Door for Tile or Carpet, Padlock Hasp Underside, Detention Locks, Yellow Painted Door with Lettering “Do Not Store materials/Equipment on Surface”. (options vary with model)

Tested and listed by Warnock Hersey to standards: NFPA 288, ASTM E119, CAN/ULC S101 and NFPA 251; which states “Transmission of heat through the specimen (floor door) during classification period (listed rating period) shall not have been as to raise the average temperature on its unexposed surface more than 139 degrees C (250 degrees F) above its initial temperature”. Hose stream test standards: NFPA 252, UL 10(b), CAN4-S104 (ULC-S104) and UBC 7-2-94.