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FFD Series - Two Hour Fire-Rated Floor Door - FFD2

FFD Photo
Concrete Installation - Type 1
Concrete Installation - Type 2
FFD2 Drawing - Front Open
FFD2 Drawing - Profile View
FFD2 Depth Dimensions
The FFD2 is a fire-rated floor door designed to control the transmission of heat and flames when installed in a floor-ceiling assembly for one hour with a maximum temperature rise of 250°F 
Product Details

Exterior Frame Material: 12 ga (2.75 mm) galvannealed steel, supplied with stainless steel anchor straps

Door Frame Material: 14 ga (1.99 mm) galvannealed steel

Door Panel Material:  3/16" (4.78 mm) steel diamond plate exterior with 12 ga galvannealed steel stiffener channels.

Door Frame Finish: Gray primer

Concrete Install Outer Frame Finish: Bituminous coating

Insulation: High temperature insulation in door

Latch: 316 Stainless steel slam latch with removable cover plug, operable from the top side by a removable tool and underside by a spoon handle.

Hinge: Continuous stainless steel piano hinge

Spring: 316 Stainless steel nitrogen cylinder(s)

Live Load: 150 psf

Sizes: Minimum 16" x 16", Maximum 42" x 54"

Fire Rating:

Warnock Hersey Intertek listed and labeled to NFPA-288, ASTM E-119, CAN/ULC-S101, NFPA25, NFPA-252, UL-10B, CAN/ULC-S104


Additional Options

Wood Frame Installation - Supplied with fasteners, drivers and high temperature sealer (W)
Self Closing Mechanism- 165F fusible link melts during fire automatically closing door without warning by releasing gas in cylinders. (SC)
300 lb/ft² live load (3C)

Latch and Handle Options
Recessed Stainless Steel Turn Handle Topside** (T)
Padlock Hasp on underside only (P)

Door Panel Options
1/4” (6.35 mm) Aluminum Smooth Door (2AS)
​1/4” (6.35 mm) Aluminum Diamond Door (2AC)
1/4” (6.35 mm) Steel Diamond Door (2SC)
3/16” (4.78 mm) Steel Smooth Door (1SS)
Recessed Aluminum Smooth Door  - Recessed for 3/16” (4.78 mm) VCT Tile/Carpet  (1ASR)
Yellow Door Panel with Lettering - "Fire Door Do Not Store Materials/Equipment on Surface” (Y)


Note: Floor Door is not to be exposed to rain or wet environments.  Intended for dry location use only.

*Doors with a width greater than 24” open 90°. Doors 24” wide and less open 80º to 85º
** Not Available if Recessed Aluminum Smooth Door (R) is also chosen