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This Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grating is Ideal for High Traffic Entryways - Accommodating Heavy Foot or Light Vehicle Traffic

Material & Construction: Resistance-welded .093” (2.4mm) x 0.156" (4mm) diameter, #4 satin stainless steel wire construction .14” (3.6mm) rail spacing allows water, snow and dirt to fall through. Support bars are spaced 1” apart for the greatest load capacity, and are anchored by hidden lockdowns.

Finish: #4 Satin Stainless Steel

Wheel Load: 1000 lbs/wheel for surface-mount and level bed frame styles. 

Frame Construction: Stainless steel. Intermediate hidden anchoring systems required for all models.
  (Contact customer service to provide drawings and frame details)

 Model JL503: 7/16" Deep frame.
   Surface-Mounted - JL38SM frame.
   Recessed - JL38AL frame.

Model JL-508: 5/8” deep grate for recessed installations.
   Recessed - JL58SS frame.

Model JL-509: 9/8” deep grate for recessed & deep pit installations.
   Recessed - JL98SS frame.
   Deep Pit - JL98DPSS frame w/alum or Stainless Drain Pan Option