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JL-700 - Aluminum Roll-Up Mat

JL's Newly- Engineered Low Profile Aluminum Roll-Up Mat with Quieting Santoprene Hinge

  • New Stronger Design is Rated for 400 lbs per Wheel (Rolling Load) 
  • Flexible Dual-durometer Santoprene® and Polypropylene Hinges Provides 2 Full-Length Cushions Per Rail
  • Debris and Moisture Drain Away Through Multiple Slots in Hinges.
  • Two Serrated Scraping Treads Per Rail Alternated with Tread to Remove More Dirt

Tread Insert Options:

700: Premium Carpet – interior very absorbent with scraping fibers
701: Serrated Vinyl – exterior/interior for scraping 
702: Serrated Aluminum - exterior/interior for scraping 
704: Abrasive-Coated Vinyl - interior with scraping surface
705: Tuff Tread - interior/exterior with non-absorbent scraping fibers

Frame Options:

JL-R:   1-3/8" Recessed Frame for New Construction
JL-SA: Surface-Mounted Frame - New or Remodeling
JL-TR: 7/16" Recessed Frame - New or Remodeling
JL-SV: Movable Vinyl Surface Mounted Frame - New or Remodeling