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New Design Information Now Available - Please Note Changes in Masonry Opening on the Updated Submittal.

This floor door is designed with a lip providing a finished edge for the installation of tile or carpet to the surface. The appearance of the floor door is minimized, and all-aluminum construction and stainless components are corrosion-resistant.

Frame: 1/4” x 3"x 3" aluminum angle with mill finish. An 1/8” lip  on both the frame and door provides a stable surface for tile or carpet to be abutted to the door opening.  Door rests on 1" x 1" door stop on 4 sides. Masonry anchors bolted onto frame for poured concrete installation option.

Door: 1/4” smooth reinforced aluminum with flush allen key operator on exterior and handle opener on inside. An 1/8” lip provides a clean edge for the application of flooring material. Mill finish or primer paint finish

Hardware: 2 torsion bars with hinge-arm and hold-open with red vinyl grip.  Hardware is cadmium plated. Removable threaded plug with screwdriver head protects hex head operator from dust and debris

Load: 150 lb/sq ft.

Options: 3/16" high lip, stainless steel hardware available for high corrosive areas.

Sizes: Minimum 24" x 24".  Sizes 48" x 48" and larger up to 60" x 84" have double door.

Door Opening Order Size for this Model.