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Thermalblock Series - Thermally Broken Roof Hatch - RHTBA

The ThermalBlock thermally broken roof hatch provides superior energy efficiency with R-20 insulation in both curb and cover which reduces condensation and building energy costs.


Material: 11 gauge aluminum
Standard Finish: Mill
Curb: Thermally broken single wall curb and counterflashing with tabs.
Cover: Thermally broken cover stiffened to support a live load of 40psf.
Gasket: Continuous, weatherproof EPDM sponge rubber adhesive-backed seal
Insulation: 3” polyisocyanurate in curb and cover with thermal resistance R-20
Spring: Gas spring with integrated damper for smooth, controlled lift assistance.
Latch: Zinc-plated steel slam latch with inside and outside handles and padlock hasps; 20psf wind uplift
Hold Open Arm: Zinc-plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in open position.
Hinge: Heavy duty zinc-plated steel pintle hinge.
Sizing: Minimum: 26" x 24", Maximum: 48" x 120" 
Clear Opening: (Width - 8") x (Length - 1/2")


Optional Construction: Double wall curb


For pitched roofs up to 7:12, mount hinge side parallel to slope. Door opens 80⁰.