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Copyright, Trademarks and Reuse of Graphics and Text  -  Activar Construction Products Group 6/7/2015

Allowed Material

Users of our website and printed materials are allowed to copy, and use the following information for purposes of selling Activar products.  Tradenames, trademarks and product codes must be properly attributed to the appropriate Activar company.

Photographs, Warranties, Descriptions, Specifications, BIM Objects for Revit®

Products with Registered Trademarks must be noted using the ® symbol.  See the list below:

    Life Start®, JL Industries ®

Products with Trademarks must be noted in the first instance on a page using the ™ symbol.  See examples below:

     Ambassador™, Cosmic™, Slimline™,1900A™

For instance, if you wish to list the Ambassador cabinets on your website, you may download the photos from our website and use the text from the catalog or website to describe the product.  You must attribute the product to JL Industries. JL Industries Ambassador™ Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, or as shown below.


Ambassador™ Fire Extinguisher Cabinet by JL Industries®.

Door and Trim Construction: Cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish standard.  Flush cabinet doors with a 5/8" door stop are attached by a continuous hinge and equipped with zinc-plated handle and roller catch. 
Trim Style and Depth: Recessed - 3/8" flat trim or trimless.Semi-Recessed - 1 1/4", 1 1/2" Square Edge or 2 1/2", 3", 4"(Recessed Pull), 4 1/2" Rolled Edge.  Surface-mount has a square edge or optional rolled edge upon request. 1 3/4" face trim on frame and 1 1/4" trim on door.
Tub: Cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish standard.
Fire-Rated Option Available: Yes
Door Glazing: Clear Acrylic, Clear Wire Glass with Safety Film, Bronze or Gray Acrylic, Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass  



Not Allowed Material

Documents listed below may not be reproduced in any manner.  Please link to the original document on our website if you wish to refer to them:

Product Submittals and Order Form Documents, Product Installation and Maintenance Documents, News articles, white papers, case studies. 

Please see our complete website terms of use at: http://www.activarcpg.com/web-site-terms-and-conditions-use#overlay-cont...

If you wish to use any materials published by Activar not described above or have questions, contact webmaster@activarcpg.com

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