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JL security and detention cabinets for fire extinguishers, fire hoses or fire department valves are constructed to meet maximum security requirements in areas where fire protection is required.  New Deeper SFC 11 & 12, SSFC 31 & 32 Cabinets Now Fit 10 lb Cosmic and Galaxy Extinguishers!

Door and Trim: 12 gauge (0.27 cm) steel or 14 gauge #4 satin finish stainless door. Flush cabinet doors are mounted in a 5/8” door stop and attached by a heavy-duty continuous hinge. Non-rated cabinets have 1-1/2” face trim on frame.

Trim Style and Depth: 1-1/2” trim on frame. Available in Recessed with flat trim, Semi-recessed with 2-1/2” square trim or Surface mount model with square edge.

Tub: Steel models have 14 gauge steel with white powder coat paint finish. Stainless steel models have 14 gauge stainless tub. All recessed models have heavy-duty masonry anchors welded to the frame. With a recent change to our SFC11 and 12 and SSFC 31 and 32 cabinet design, this cabinet now can be used for our Cosmic and Galaxy 10 lb extinguisher models - regardless of which lock and prep are selected!

Lock Prep: Detention deadlock, detention slam lock or mortise cylinder.  Installed locks also available. See Security Lock Options at Right.

Fire-Rated Option Available: Yes.

Extinguisher Cabinet: SFC
Fire Department Valve Cabinet: SVC
Fire Hose Cabinet: SHC