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JL Industries Has Introduced a New Design for Fire-rated Cabinets Using Lightweight Mineral Wool Insulation that Eliminates the Heavy Gypsum Wallboard/Steel Tub Assembly that is Currently in Use. 

JL led the industry with the first pre-lined fire-rated cabinet series called Fire-FX™ in 1991, and introduced the next generation of cabinets - the Fire-FX2™ Series in 2015.  The three most popular sizes of the new patent-pending Fire-FX2 cabinet weigh an average of 14.75 lbs less per cabinet than the original design introduced in 1991!

* Easier installation and handling.

* Save on shipping costs.

* All recessed architectural series extinguisher, valve, hose and AED cabinets in steel, aluminum, stainless, bronze and brass are available as fire-rated cabinets with the new Fire-FX2 design, from trimless to 4-1/2” projection trim.

* The new insulation is foil-faced Firespan™ 90 by Thermafiber® which is attached directly to the outside of the cabinet instead of being sandwiched in a double tub design. 

* Fire-FX2 cabinets have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories® to maintain one and two hour fire-rated wall barriers in accordance with ANSI/UL-1479, ASTM E814 and ULC/Can S115 for membrane and penetration firestops. 

* Fire-FX2 cabinets are now stocked in all 10 warehouse locations. 

* Security cabinets and the CS School cabinets use the orginal Fire-FX construction.

For more information, contact customer service at 800-554-6077,

Most Recessed Cabinets in our Product Line are Available as Fire-Rated Cabinets, with many in Stocked in Our Warehouses. See Submittal Pages for Detailed Information

To order or specify, add the Fire-FX2 Option to the end of the seven-digit JL model number. For example, if you want an Ambassador "1017F10" with the Fire-FX2 Option, ask for the "1017F10FX2".

Find the Product Page for the Model that you Want, and Select the "Fire-Rated Submittal" on the right hand side of the page.

Download the Fire-FX2 Flyer Here

FAQ's About the Fire-FX2 Cabinet