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JL Industries Has Introduced a New Design for Fire-rated Cabinets Using Lightweight Mineral Wool Insulation that Eliminates the Heavy Gypsum Wallboard/Steel Tub Assembly that is Currently in Use. 

JL led the industry with the first pre-lined fire-rated cabinet series called Fire-FX™ in 1991, and introduced the next generation of cabinets - the Fire-FX2™ Series in 2015.  The three most popular sizes of the new patent-pending FX2 cabinet weigh an average of 14.75 lbs less per cabinet than the original design introduced 24 years ago!

  • - Easier installation and handling.
  • - Save on shipping costs.
  • - All recessed architectural series extinguisher, valve, hose and AED cabinets in steel, aluminum, stainless, bronze and brass are available as fire-rated cabinets with the new FX2 design, from trimless to 4-1/2” projection trim.
  • - The new insulation is foil-faced Firespan™ 90 by Thermafiber® which is attached directly to the outside of the cabinet instead of being sandwiched in a double tub design. 
  • - FX2 cabinets have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories® to maintain one and two hour fire-rated wall barriers in accordance with ANSI/UL-1479, ASTM E814 and ULC/Can S115 for membrane and penetration firestops. 
  • - FX2 cabinets are now stocked in all 10 warehouse locations. 
  • - Updated product submittals are in the process of being uploaded, and the new fire protection catalog with new wall openings are now available online.

For more information, contact customer service at 800-554-6077,

Most Recessed Cabinets in our Product Line are Available as Fire-Rated Cabinets, with many in Stocked in Our Warehouses. See Submittal Pages for Detailed Information

To order or specify, add the Fire -FX2 Option to the end of the seven-digit JL model number. For example, if you want an Ambassador "1017F10" with the Fire -FX2 Option, ask for the "1017F10FX2".

Find the Product Page for the Model that you Want, and Select the "Fire-Rated Submittal" on the right hand side of the page.

Download the FX2 Flyer Here

FAQ's About the FX2 Cabinet