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The RHU Series of Dur-Red Roof Hatches is Now More Energy-Efficient and Durable than Before
The manufacturer of our KFRF, KFRL and KFRU products will no longer be producing them. We offer two equivalent products in our Pyran Platinum line.
Stop by Booth 212 in the Exhibitor Hall to see the latest in solutions for door privacy, vision lites, louvers and door protection
The STC Series is now available in more sizes and meets the highest standards available for wall and ceiling penetrating components.
Air Louvers Offers Several Options to Add Privacy and Security to Doors in Educational Settings, Healthcare or Offices
Patent issued for the JL “Diamond Grip” feature of our roof hatch series. Find out more about the new patent…
Activar Construction Products Group welcomes the addition of Dur-Red Products to our family of brands.
MasterSpec®, a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), is the ultimate resource for producing specifications your way. With MasterSpec master guide specifications, delete what doesn’t apply, add your own customizations, and rest assured that your specifications are current and complete.
Do You Have Questions About Selecting the Right Fire Extinguisher Cabinet? Find out how whether cabinets are required, if lettering is required and what kind of handles and locks can be used. What do IBC and NFPA 10 have to say about fire extinguisher cabinets?
Introducing the ThermalBlock Series - Our Most Energy-Efficient Roof Hatch. This new roof hatch combines an R-value of 20 with a thermal break between the curb and flashing.


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