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LIF-O-GEN® - Automated First Aid Oxygen Unit

LIF-O-GEN® Oxygen Unit for victims of cardiac arrest with this convenient, refillable oxygen unit.  Easy to Use - Up to 45 minutes of oxygen automatically flows to the CPR mask when handle is pulled.  This lightweight unit features  waterproof and rust-proof aluminum construction and can be wall-mounted or ordered with an alarmed cabinet. 


Construction: Cradle & pull handle are 1/8” aluminum, cylinder is billet aluminum and gauges & flow indicator are Lexan®.

Dimensions: 20-1/4” x 5-11/16” x 6” including handle.

CPR Mask: For breathing or non-breathing victims (provides barrier against infectious pathogens).  Automatically deploys when handle is pulled. O2 is delivered through mask.

Contents: 320 Liters OXYGEN U.S.P. @ 1 atmosphere @ 70°F @ 2650 PSI service pressure

Weight (cylinder & components): 8.0 lbs., filled to 2650 PSI

Weight (in cradle): 12.1 lbs. filled to 2650 PSI

Flow: 6 1/2-LPM nominal - up to 45 minutes when filled to 2650 PSI. Red Off, Green On.

Gauge: Indicates flow time remaining in (5) five minute increments.

Cabinets Available Separately - use links at right to visit the web pages.

Technical Article 2-1-2016: Emergency First Aid Oxygen Response In Schools